Video Tape Releases

"Vision Obious"

"The Mind's Eye - A Computer Animation Odyssey", Miramar, 1990

"The State of the Art of Computer Animation, Vol. 1", Odyssey Visual Design, 1989

"Wonder Kids", Amayakan in California, Los Angeles, CA, 1989

"Computer Dreams", Digital Vision Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA, 1988

"The 22nd International Tourney of Animation", Expanded Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA, 1987

"SIGGRAPH Video Review" Issue #24 Electronic Theater, 1986.

"The Machine that Changed the World", WGBH Educational Foundation, program on the uses of computers, computer animation excerpt , 1990


"Scrubbing Bubbles"

"Wonder Kids", Amayakan in California, Los Angeles, CA, 1989.

"SIGGRAPH Video Review" Issue #39 Film and Video Show, 1988.


"SEA Accident Reconstruction"

"SIGGRAPH Video Review" Issue #43 Visualization in Scientific Computing '89 Research Show, 1989.

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